Nootropics Supplement Powder Sunifiram for Brain Improve

Sunifiram Introduction

Sunifiram has an another name DM-235.Raw powder form appearence is white or almost white crystalline power,and it is in high purity of 99%.Researches show that Sunifiram have better effects compared with piracetam on improving memory.One of the main reasons why sunifiram caught the attention of the community of nootropic users is that, initial studies indicate that its potency is estimated to be up to 1,000 times more than that of piracetam. 
Studies have also shown that taking Sunifiram is Cholinergic. This means that it causes more of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine to be released. Increased levels of Acetylcholine in the cerebral cortex can lead to improved thinking, perception, alertness, learning, memory and focus. This neurotransmitter also makes it easier for your left and right brain hemispheres to communicate and help you to recognize patterns and connections more effectively. It even can improve basic social skills like talking in group settings.


1. Increases energy levels, allowing users to feel more motivated and eliminate 
2. Increase Levels of concentration increase, and users feel less distracted by external stimuli
3. It also enhances long-term potentiation, which is the forming of new connections regarding memory storage.
4. It has some anxiolytic benefits. Feeling more relaxed is beneficial when trying to focus.
While the effects of Sunifiram show many positive aids in increasing acetylcholine levels, which can be extremely beneficial in many dementia and Alzheimer’s disease sufferers. However, studies have yet to determine if its effects can be predictable. As with many drugs, their effectiveness can differ from person to person. While many may reap great rewards from Sunifiram, others may not benefit as much. According to the researchers, it is a matter of individual needs, conditions, and lifestyle all plays a role. That said more research is necessary to determine the future applications of particular nootropic option. The effects of Sunifiram on the sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease have been most promising. Alzheimer’s presents as degeneration the cholinergic system, Sunifiram works to reverse that deficiency and improves the cognition over the short and long-term duration of treatment (Moriguchi & et. al, 2013). However, there are other studies, performed on mice, which appear to reverse the effects of amnesia. Mice whose memories were intentionally diminished were then given doses of Sunifiram, and their memory loss was improved.


Like what was mentioned above, the typical dose for an adult human would be approximately 5mg of sunifiram. The strength of the effects are greater when it is taken sublingually ( under the tongue ) as opposed to just swallowing it. Don’t worry too much if you go over the standard dosage. 
Sunifiram has extremely low toxicity and a huge range between therapeutic and dangerous amounts.

Side effects

There are no severe side effects associated with Sunifiram as long as the recommended dosage is not exceeded by users. Since every individual is different, some may experience minor side effects. These include insomnia, headaches, enhanced sweating, feeling of anxiety and decreased memory. Headache may result however, if choline is not supplemented.

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