All tools that you need to get ready

Preparing the tools you need

Steroid powders

Digital scale(Requiring can measure 0.01g);

Carrier oil (Such as: grape seed oil, MCT oil etc.);

Benzyl Benzoate(BB);

Benzyl Alcohol(BA);

250ml glass beaker

A Syringe (Any size, but a bigger one is faster);


Sterile vials;

Thermometer (It is needed when using a pot);

A glass stir rod;

Sterile syringe filters (0.22um);

A deep pot can be heated or a microwave;

Alcohol swabs



1.Weigh steroid powder and add it into the glass beaker.


2.Add solvents( BA and BB)and carrier oil into the beaker,then stir it.


3.Using a pan slightly filled with water and warm and stir the solution until everything becomes clear.



  • If you have the equipment,you can use it heat and stir solution as below.


4.Using a syringe to filter the mixture solution. And also needs another needle to be fixed like the pic shows.


  • If you have the filter,you can use a Vacuum Pump + 0.22 um filtering membrane as below, finally you can get very clean gear with high or even over-dosed gear.



finished oil


  • Add the ml of BA, BB, and carrier oil, and the powder according to the recipe you find;
  • The color of the carrier oil is the finished oil’s color, but not the powder reason;
  • Watch the temperature, a very high temperature will cause a crash, so pls search the temperature before you go.

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