Test enanthate and deca which looks like rock ? just calm down!

Hi Friend,

Did you receive products like the following state in this hot summer, or sometimes you found that test ena powder was in liquid form?

Calm down when you meet this situation or see these pics, do not worry about it. On the contrary, it shows that these powders are in good purity.  This kind of change do not damage the quality of products, ease to use. Why does this happen? Because different steroids powder has different melting point.  Melting point of Test e or Deca is nearly 30-36°C. It will be melt when the temperature reach this level,  and will become solid when the temperature is down.

If you want to make solid product into powder pls refer the following methods from our experienced customers,

1. Pack product with Double Zip Lock bag, and use a small rubber mallet to break it apart
2. Run smaller pieces through a coffee grinder or blender to reform it into a powder again

sincerely hope these info will be helpful for you.

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