The top 5 reasons why you should choose stanozolol for your cutting cycle

Stanozolol, also known as Winstrol, or “Winny” among experienced users, is an anabolic steroid that is available in both oral and injectable forms. It is by far one of the most popular compounds out there when it comes to cutting cycles, too. Here are the top five reasons why you should choose stanozolol for your next cutting cycle.


1. No Estrogen Conversion

Every anabolic steroid you’ll find on the market today is a derivative of testosterone. As you probably already know, when there is an abundance of free testosterone in the bloodstream, it will begin to convert to estrogen. This can lead to side effects like gynecomastia, which is not only embarrassing, but can also become permanent if certain precautions are not taken. Fortunately, stanozolol does not readily convert to estrogen thanks to its unique molecular structure, which means that it does not require the use of an aromatase inhibitor.

2. Stanozolol Protects Your Gains

Although your primary goal during a cutting cycle is to lose fat and gain definition in your muscle, you’ll often need a calorie-deficient diet to achieve the results you want. Unfortunately, calorie deficiency can throw off your body’s metabolism, causing it to metabolize your muscle tissue as well as fat in order to provide a constant source of energy. Stanozolol helps you protect your muscle mass gains while you cut, and it even makes your muscles stronger as you go.

3. It Will Not Cause Water Retention

There are several anabolic steroids on the market that are primarily used for cutting, but one of the most bothersome side effects associated with these is bloat. When you’re in the middle of a cutting cycle, you’re trying to achieve a hard, vascular look – not a swollen, bloated one. That’s why Winstrol is one of the most popular choices among bodybuilders. It will not cause water retention at all, which makes your body look amazing without worrying about excess fluid.

4. High Bioavailability

You’ve probably read that oral anabolic steroids are not as powerful as their injectable counterparts because only a certain amount of the steroid passes through your liver and into your bloodstream. The good news is that stanozolol is one of the most bioavailable oral steroids on the market. It passes through the liver unscathed, which means you can expect most of the dose to wind up in your bloodstream where it belongs. However, very large doses for long periods of time can cause liver damage, so it is important to use it wisely.

5. Very Few Side Effects

Unlike some anabolic steroids for cutting that can cause mood swings, sexual side effects, oily skin, acne, and a general feeling of being off-kilter, stanozolol is different. When it is used at the recommended dosage, it is safe for both men and women and the risk of side effects is very low. It is only minimally androgenic, which means that women have a lesser chance of experiencing virilization. What’s more, men often report feeling more alert and energetic after starting their cutting cycles. Those who do experience androgenic effects will notice that these reverse after discontinuing their cycles.

As you can see, stanozolol has been one of the most popular steroids since the 1940s for a few very, very good reasons. It is safe when used as directed, it is effective, and it does the best job of protecting muscle mass and providing energy during calorie-deficient cutting cycles.

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