What is “tren cough” ?

Trenbolone is a powerful injectable anabolic steroid that people use during bulking cycles to build muscle mass.Many people discuss about tren cough,what is it?
From various theories showed the causes of “Tren Cough” are varied and it’s not always just because of one thing.And the symptoms is that you begin having trouble in breathing after injection within seconds and persistent cough.

Generally, there is two factor. Ordinarily, blood levels are nowhere near the level that produces tren cough. However, some individual injections may either introduce a small amount of oil directly into a very small blood vessel, or perhaps some tren enters immediately into the lymphatic system. The body, including the lungs, then experiences a very high level of it, and tren cough results.The other is is the formulation of the injection.


How to avoid it?

There are some tips from our customers:

1. Do not heat
2. If you taste weird or feel weird in mouth or jaw stop for a minute.
3. Sit down or lay down and relax when you inject.
4. Have a glass of ice water ready
5. Not pin in warm environment.
6. Aspirate
7. Take everything slow as you can. Get in a rush and you will screw up.
8.If you get the cough at least you are sitting or laying down and you have some ice water to sip on.


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