Bodybuilding Superdrol 50mg/Ml 100mg/Ml

Superdrol effect

Superdrol’s power and intensity comes from its being similar with Masteron, a different type of anabolic steroid, but without the ester chain that the latter flaunts in its chemical structure. It works by optimizing the body’s ability to retain nitrogen and its synthesis of protein, which result to not just gains in size, mass, strength and endurance, but also the speed muscles recover after going through a grueling workout.

Protein synthesis and nitrogen retention is improved across the board thanks to this anabolic steroid. Muscular cells are going to be able to build proteins a lot faster which allows muscles to repair and grow with lightning like speed, and the extra nitrogen that cells are able to hold things to Superdrol will go a long way towards producing the perfect environment for the creation of new muscle tissue.


Superdrol Benefits

If you’re planning to integrate Superdrol in your bodybuilding checklist, here are the benefits that you will be in for:

1.Helps boost size and mass gains
2.Increases overall strength levels
3.Boosts nitrogen retention and protein synthesis
4.Can be used without an anti-estrogen
5.Doesn’t have as much androgenic activity compared to its counterparts
6.Can yield up to 30 pounds of lean muscle in 4 weeks
7.Acts really fast
8.A Quick Rundown on a Superdrol Cycle


Superdrol PCT

Perhaps the most important guideline that you should keep in mind to make your cycle with Superdrol as successful as possible is having an idea of the right dosage to get you on track to achieving your goals. Here is a quick guide that you can use to kick off your cycle with this prohormone:

Superdrol dosing for new superdrol users: 
Week1: 10mg / per day
Week 2-4: 20mg / per daySuperdrol dosing for experienced superdrol users:
Week1: 20mg / per day
Week 2-4: 30mg / per day

Dosage and Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Pointers

It is very important to take note that Superdrol should be dosed low during the start of a cycle. Experienced users highly recommend that you begin with a daily dose of 10mg for the first week and increase your dosage to 20mg in the second and third weeks. It’s crucial that you take Superdrol daily with food. If you are very tolerant to this compound, you can bump up to 40mg in the fourth week.

A proper post cycle therapy should be carried out in the succeeding fifth to eighth weeks.

Moreover, experienced Superdrol users suggest that this compound stacks quite well with most anabolic steroids. Stacking some form of testosterone with this prohormone considerably improves realizing your cutting and bulking goals. Trenbolone is highly recommended with Superdrol when cutting, while Nandrolone is a nice choice to go with this compound during a bulking phase.

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