High Purity 99% Epalrestat CAS: 82159-09-9

Synonym: 3-thiazolidineaceticacid, 5-(2-methyl-3-phenyl-2-propenylidene)-4-oxo-2-thioxo; 5-((1z, 2e)-2-methyl-3-phenylpropenylidene)-4-oxo-2-thioxo-3-thiazolidineacet; E)-(e; EPALRESTAT; (e, e)-2-[5-(2-methyl-3-phenyl-prop-2-enylidene)-4-oxo-2-sulfanylidene-thiazo lidin-3-yl]acetic acid; AKOS BBS-00007767; OTAVA-BB BB7211260020; EPALRESTAT(KINEDAK)
CAS: 82159-09-9
MF: C15H13NO3S2
MW: C15H13NO3S2
Assay: 99%
Package: 1kg/foil bag
Standard: Enterprise Standard
MOQ: 100g


Epalrestat COA:

Epalrestat coa

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