ACE 031

ACE 031

Name ACE 031
Specification 1mg/vial
Purity 95%
Grade Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance White Solid

Fat loss and bone health

In the different studies that were conducted, subjects experienced a reduction in leptin concentration and boosted adiponectin, which is a ‘good fat’ hormone.  Hence, perhaps Ace-031 does really contribute to fat loss.  Another study showed an increase in alkaline phosphatase in the blood and reduced collagen telopeptide; this may mean it also helps strengthening the bones.

Effects of ACE 031

ACE-031 causes a huge increase in muscle mass and muscle strength that can supposedly compete over even the most efficient hardcore volume steroids, such as Oxymetholone.
Taking ACE-031 results in the fast and almost immediate increase of muscle hardness.
ACE-031 promotes fat burning.


Even a small dose of ACE-031 of 1 mg can have a substantial effect. Sportsmen taking 1 mg of ACE-031 once a week over the period of 3-4 weeks report nearly an immediate increase in the muscle hardness and the rapid growth of muscle mass and strength to an extent exceeding even the most efficient hardcore volume anabolic-androgenic steroid, such as Oxymetholone!

Another dosing option is to start with the dose of 200 mcg of ACE-031 per day and to increase the dose every week by 100 mcg, whereas the treatment cycle should last again 3-4 weeks.

Once a cycle with ACE-031 is completed, a break in the duration of two weeks is recommended.


Note that ACE-031 is a very vulnerable substance! Therefore, it should be administered as a single. When combined with other peptides (mixed into the same syringe), it can be damaged. You should not even shake the bottle with the content of the reconstituted ACE-031 and even a little more rigorous injection of an antibacterial solution into the vial with ACE-031 may cause damage of peptides in the upper layer of the powder.

Possible Side Effects

In clinical studies performed by Acceleron Pharma on a sample of adult males (volunteers), some study participants treated with ACE-031 experienced minor nose and gum bleeding and dilation of blood vessels in the skin. The majority of these side effects completely resolved once the treatment with ACE-031 was completed or discontinued.