Material needed

Steroid production is not just for Steroid Labs but also for the average Bodybuilder; Purchasing finished products offers a degree of convenience but Home Steroid Production, without a doubt, offers more. Once the materials are acquired you can produce the highest quality product whenever is required from the comfort of your own Home while saving huge sums of money!

Here listed below is the Preparations before start!

Chemicals you’ll need for almost every conversion:

EO: Ethyl Oleate
BB: Benzyl Benzoate
BA: Benzyl Alcohol (make sure that you do not exceed 5% BA for any of the conversions)

For Liquid Orals:
PEG 300: Polyethylene Glycol

Sesame oil is good, and so is grape seed oil. Stay away from the thicker oils, and make sure you don’t have an alergy to the oil you’re using (walnut, for example).

Some companies sell sterile vials with the stopper and crimper already on them. This is good if you have only a small amount to make or only convert every once in a while. Remember to use a venting needle with these when adding your final conversion to them. (transfer air out while putting the product in.)

Syringes 3cc & 5/10cc or bigger
18 or 20 gauge needles to vent and to transfer
Vials/beakers/glass measuring cups for mixing – heat proof
Sterile Vials or vials/stoppers/crimper for your product
sterile filters – whatman or equivelent
plastic or glass mixing spoons/swizzles. No metal
shallow pan to sterilize vials and to heat up mixtures