Payment Terms

Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, bank Transfer



How to use Bitcoin

Method one: Cycle/Coinbase

Steps :
1. Create your own Bitcoin account in the website , such as or and so on .
2.connecting one of your bank card or credit card.
3.Find your own bitcoin wallet address, your friend could send $$ to you by it.
4.Now you can buy bitcoin and start transaction now!
But generally there will be limit for beginners to buy bitcoins. Or you can promote your bitcoin level, then you can buy more bitcoin per week.

Method two: LibertyX

Download this APP and you can find local Bitcoins stores through this app, then you can buy bitcoins by bank card or cash at the stores, the limit is 1000usd per day.

Method three:  LocalBitcoin

1. Go to
2. Click “sign up free”. There is no need for ID and sign up takes less than a minute


3.On the top of the page there is an option”Buy Bitcoin”, click that.


4.Now you will see ”Buy bitcoins online in United States”, at the bottom right of this menu, there is a button that says”Show more”, click that and choose your preferred payment option (range from WU/MG to Cash in mail to Paypal to Vanilla reload and more!). Let’s choose WU for now.


5.Now choose a seller who has over 100% (Number of trades, trades satisfaction) beside there name, these are sellers who are legitimate. Then, look at the column titled “Limits”, and be sure the amount you are buying is within their limits.


6.Click on a seller you choose, you will see in the left column “How much do you wish to buy”, in the”BTC box”, fill in the BTC value I will give to you. Then click “Send Trade Request”.


7.The seller will contact you with information to send the WU/MG. Once you send it, the seller will send you Bitcoins to your localbitcoins account

8.Finally, click on the button in the top right that looks like a B with a dollar sign through it. On the left side of the page it says ”Send Bitcoins”. Put the receiving address that I will provide you, and the amount of BTC to send. Click send from wallet and you have done!

No limits on Localbitcoin, but the exchange fee will be a little higher than market.