How to make DNP Capsule ? –Elaine

1. Get a size 00 cap-m-kwik. (after using it for DNP you will not be able to cap anything else with it) Fill it with empty capsule halves. 2. Measure out 10 grams of powder and spread evenly on a square foot of aluminum foil. Let the powder air-dry for about 8 hours, until most of the moisture has evaporated. Use a plastic credit card … Continue reading How to make DNP Capsule ? –Elaine

How to Produce steroid raws capsule?

Equipments get prepared: Capsule filler machine (Manual filler machine like CN-100 Sizeor automatic filler machine) Proper capsules (Pharma grade capsules, better”size# 0”) Mixer Machine ( Mix Active Ingredients with inactive ingredients) High Purity Active Steroid Raws (High Purity will have high potence ) Pharmgrade Inactive Raws (store corn, MCC,mannitol.lactose…etc)   How to produce oral capsules step by step ? Make Sure the Active Raw dosage … Continue reading How to Produce steroid raws capsule?