Name TB500
Synonyms Thymosin Beta 4 
CAS 77591-33-4 
MF C212H350N56O78S 
MW 4963.44 
Purity 99.49% 
Appearance White Powder 



Healthy Hormone 
Burning Fat 
Promoting body growth 
Decreases in body fat 
An increase in lean mass 
Increased collagen production 
Improved sleep 
Increased cellular repair 
Increases in bone density


How to Take TB-500?

Most people utilize four to five milligrams of TB-500 each week. A typical dosage schedule might be two milligrams, twice every seven days, for a month to six weeks. If an injury is of the chronic type, the dosage may be lower, as the peptide will be used primarily in order to maintain benefits. There are different strategies for dosing, so it will vary a bit, depending on the person and the effect that is being sought out.

Stacking is another option. As you’re probably already aware, stacking is all about combining supplements in order to optimize benefits. It is possible to stack TB-500 with other supplement products (such as Growth Hormone Releasers) and many people do this in order to aid muscle recovery and gain muscle mass at the same time.

TB-500 is injected. Sterile water or sterile saline are utilized in order to dilute the product.